Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guy Tips for Girls

Choosing a guy can be fun, but annoying. When you choose a guy, what do you look for? "swag", looks?Personality? Popularity?

Well let me tell you that "swag" isn't going to pay the bills in ten years. Go for guys who have a future set ahead of them such as: college plans, career, etc. Only one of these things are going to matter ten years from now, and that's their personality. What they are now is what they're going to be in ten years.

Here's a tip:

When I was younger, I "went after" guys like they were shopping malls. From my experience, when a girl chases a guy it makes them run away. Guys just absolutely LOVE to have a good chase!

Also, if he asks you out on a date but you don't really like him that much, be polite and don't say stuff and blow him off. Guys have feelings too. Say something along the lines of:

"Aww, that's really sweet of you, but I think we would be better off friends."

Here's another thing I've learned:

Communication is a major part in a relationship.

If you have a boyfriend, and you are going through a rough patch, communicate. Talk to each other,don't avoid each other because if you avoid one another, you avoid the problem, and if you avoid the problem, it never gets fixed and you will probably end in a horrible break up.

Lastly, don't go for guys who do drugs or drink. When people do drugs or drink it WILL ruin their lives down the road if it's not already happening.

When people drink or do drugs, it affects their behavior and you could get hurt if you're around them at a bad time or any time they have smoked stuff, plus it's not cool at all.

Good luck and don't ever give up!

Until next time,

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