Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Being Yourself

Hey guys! Have you ever been picked on or teased just because you're not "like them?" If you answered yes, here's something to help you fit in.

Being Yourself:
People do not like a "show off" or a "hot shot." People like you to be yourself. Not everyone will like you. Some will completely hate you and some will absolutely love you for who you are. Here's another skit on how to be yourself and fit in. And guys, if you are trying to impress a girl, you have to be the real you. No girl likes a fake. I only know because I am one ;)

James: "Hey Amanda! Guess what! I got a new gadget yesterday! Its an iPad :)"
Amanda: "Oh cool! Why did you get it?"
James: "Cuz I get everything I want, what do you think?"
Amanda: "You do?"
James: "Yeah! Do you?"
Amanda: "No, I don't like to show off, I love to be myself. I can have more friends that way!"
James: "Really? I thought if you showed off people would like you because of your stuff."
Amanda: Nope, the trick is to be yourself."

Amanda was her self and James was a hot shot. In that short skit James thought he had to have stuff or had to show off to get people to like him. Amanda showed him that people don't like you because of your stuff, they like you for who you are. Have friends. Have fun. Love life. Be yourself.

*A special thanks to Google Images for the great pictures*

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