Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dealing With Peer Pressure-Drugs

"C'mon man, we won't get in trouble!"...."For me?"..."Everybody else is doing it!" "You're not cool if you don't!" Have you ever heard someone say those words? Whether it's at school, after a sports practice, with friends or even with family, there are some people in this world that are going to try to entice you to do things that you aren't "comfortable" with. People everywhere are going under peer pressure and some may not be confident enough to "get out of the situation." These next few paragraphs will help you with the basics of peer pressure.

There are people who do drugs to "make themselves feel better" or to "get high." Teens all throughout America have that one friend or know someone who does drugs. Here are some tips to help you say "NO."

At school, in between classes, with friends, at lunch, or after a game, there are people who will want you to be "cool" in a bad way. Say you're at the mall with friends and another group of people come up to you and bombards you to come with them, DO NOT do it! Here's a short skit on how to say no.

Ben: "Hey Joey, your a baby cuz' you don't do what we do!"
Joey: "What do you do that I don't?"
Ben: "We do drugs! You should try it!"
Joey: "Nah, Ben, I don't wanna!"
Ben and friends chant: "Do it! Do it! Do it!
Joey: "I don't do that stuff; I'm good!"
Ben: "Oh c'mon guys, he's just not cool and never will be."

In that situation, Joey said no and left with no problem. Not every time something like happens will you walk away like Joey. If you DON'T do bad things you are very cool. If you do bad things you AREN'T cool at all. Sometimes teens or even adults will try to hurt and threaten you. If that happens, go to someone "in charge" like a teacher or parent; or "above you" like Jesus. He will give you the right words to say in that type of situation or any at all. Say a prayer. You don't have to say it out loud, just say it to yourself. Say something a little like: "Dear Jesus, help me! I don't know what to do!" and he will come to your rescue. 

Not Doing = Cool :)
Doing = -Cool   :(

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  1. This is excellent advice for teens. They need to hear this in today's society. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great Job Elizabeth.. Very Proud of you!!


  3. Thanks! I hope to write more this weekend.

  4. I think we should be able to make choices for ourselves and to be educated on the facts of what drugs actually do to a person psychologically and physiologically, while addressing the truth that partaking in drug related activities can result in some amazing experiences in the short term but may have long term negative consequences.

    To simply deem that some thing is 'bad' without defining how it's 'bad' is a big issue in our culture concerning this. Drugs are real and everywhere. So, instead of just saying something is BAD and WRONG only to entice curiosity which results in many lost children everyday.
    Let us grow past this easily hurdled 'Bad vs. Good' philosophy which I'm sure we can agree becomes very counter-productive when 'Jimmy' is blowing his older cousin's cocaine in the back of the bus while bystander 'Jane' questions this event with curiosity only to be met with Jimmy's rebuttal that his cocaine usage is a 'good thing! and it makes you feel good!' we need to offer definitive reason and full understanding behind Jimmy's choices and what the drug does to him that he feels the need to use it in the first place.

    The security of constant supervision is an illusion and it is ignorant to assume otherwise. SO, if it was taught that mind altering chemicals are to be respected and if their varying causes and effects were outlined or presented more as a type of choice investment with statistical information to show what drug does what and where it could lead a person over a period time, than I believe it would cause the ignorance & denial to become irrelevant that '13 year old jimmy hiding in the back of the bus out of sight of the bus aide' doesn't happen every single day. 'Irrelevant' because we then can become assured that we've increased the chances that Jane has established the proper mindset that partaking in this hard drug will possibly lead her down a dead end road simply because she was curious, simply because she wanted to feel good, simply because her parents tell her "ITS BAD" when she also is aware cigarettes are bad but Mommy and Daddy smoke.