Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adopted Into Loving Arms

Fourteen years ago on July 28, 1997 I was brought to America. I was born in Piatra Neamț, (P-a-tra knee-um-st) Romania, a small city three-hundred fifty miles from the capital city Bucharest. I lived in an orphanage for the first fifteen months of my life. Sometimes I wouldn't get enough to eat and I was very malnourished.

Piatra Neamt, Romania
 In July 28, 1997 I was brought home to live with my mom and dad. I had to ride on a plane 4,766 miles to get to where my landing was. When I got home, there was a bunch of people waiting for me in the front of my house with balloons, cards, and tons of welcomes.

As I grew up I was seen to be a very sad child. I was different from other kids. I didn't act like them a lot of the time.                                                                   
When I was about 5 years old, I started to be a very violent child. I would throw things such as, balls, rocks, wood, my toys and lots of other things. As I grew up, I went to doctors constantly. I've been to over 19 psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors. My mom had me seen by the biggest doctors names in VA and they diagnosed as lots of different symptoms, but none of them matched up right.

 Finally after 14 years of running place to place and violence, My parents went to the county for help. They sent us to a small place call The Attachment and Trauma Institute. There, I was diagnosed with Attachment Disorder, which means "A behavioral disorder caused by the lack of an emotionally secure attachment to a caregiver in the first two years of life, characterized by an inability to form healthy relationships. Other common symptoms, especially in children, are poor impulse control, chronic anger, and antisocial tendencies." There, an in-home therapist came to my house at least every other day, if not every. I was told that "everything will be okay." not "everything is probably going to be okay." In as little as 4 months I was "fixed." That means, no more screaming and yelling, throwing things, and hitting people. I was free of violence.

My life has changed in amazing way. The therapist didn't do this miracle, my parents didn't do this miracle, Jesus Christ did this miracle! He has a perfect time for everything. He has plans for your and my life. He has rescued me from what could have turned in to a total nightmare.

   I could have been in jail many of times, but Jesus didn't let it happen. I could have been put on foster care, but Jesus didn't want me there. He wants me here so I can tell you about my life and how He has helped me tremendously. I was rescued from the depths of despair and my life turned around completely all because of Jesus Christ.

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  1. You, my beloved Elizabeth, are the child for whom I prayed. God told me, "I will give you a daughter of your own." I waited many years. You arrived, and my heart's sole purpose was to find the help you needed. For 12 years I would not give up searching for help. Today, I look with joy at my Elizabeth, which is a Hebrew name meaning "God's promise." You are my promise from God, and I love you with all my heart. Looking back over your life, you can see how God has helped you each step of the way, though sometimes with much waiting - He chose you from the orphanage, He put you into a Christian home where you could learn of His love and forgiveness for you. And He, in His time, brought Attachment & Trauma Institute to us so that you might be healed. To God be all the glory. I am excited to see how He is now using you to help others. Pray each day, read God's Word, be strengthened in Him as you minister to others who are hurt. I love you with all my heart.